Tips to Increase your Computer Speed

You want to increase speed of your computer than here is the answer, key is memory there are two types of memory ,flash memory and permanent memory we need both, your computer will be running fast at no time,

Step (1)
First Check How much RAM (Type of memory installed inside computer) you have, To check go into properties of My Computer then look for something like : 64mb,192mb or it could be anything well 500 mb is available in market, I have 192mb ,Just understand this the more you have the good it is ...There are limits for hardware that how much you can install,

Step (2)
To increase speed there is also another thing, increase virtual memory So computer have space where it can put its processes Assign the max and min memory equal, if you have two hard drives then give some amount to virtual memory on both sides, to change virtual memory (For Windows xp) go into My computer's properties>Advance(tab)>Setting inside(Performance Section)>Advance(Tab)>Change(inside Virtual Memory section) then there you can change it.

Step (3)
Free Up the space in your computer to speed up the computer + Run disk clean up wizard, To open Disk Cleanup, click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Disk Cleanup.
after that select all and start the wizard ... Having free space allow your computer run smartly.

Step (4)
Make sure you don't install programmes which start running as window start ,like messengers , To see and stop them press Ctrl + Alt + Del and go into processes tab and close them from there

Step (5)
If you really want your computer keep running for a year + using an internet on that computer then you should install an antivirus (I strongly recommend), Antivirus is a software which fix the computer specially which are infected by virus + also provide protection for future, Some suggestions Norton Antivirus/Mcafee Antivirus. Make sure you buy good one , I have mcafee but it make computer some slow but it keep computer running for a long time.(Before it crashes)

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