Open Source Softwares? and Useful Open Source Software Details and Download Links!

First What is Open Source?
Open Source is totally free Application Softwares and resources. Open Source's Philosophy is; Everyone must get everyone!

thus the following Softwares are most frequently used and powerful software, similar to paid Softwares:

1) GIMP - This is a Graphic Designing Software, Smiler to Adobe Photoshop.
- You can Download GIMP here.

This Software is available in Chinese Simplified, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

2) Blender - This is a 3D Content Creation Suite, you can make 3D Cartoons using this Software. Blender is Totally free Light Weight Software and it's available for all major Operating Systems.
Note: You must have a Wheel Mouse to Use this Software.  
- You Can Download Blender here.
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