Facebook sending the security code to my old phone number - How can i get my facebook account back?

Facebook now improving their security feature, thus sometime while you sign-in to your facebook account it'll ask you to verify the account via mobile or identifying your friends on their photos (tag). but if you already confirmed your account via mobile it wont ask you to identify your friends, you must verify using your existing (given-number) mobile number. what happens if you lost or changed your old mobile number?
you can't do anything.... but there is a way to get back your account back!
you must request facebook via filling this form here after submitting the above form you will receive a reply mail from facebook (this process usually take 2 working days). the below image shows an example mail received from facebook.

So it's ask you to send your national ID copy or Passport copy by replying the mail that you received! if you reply that e-mail with your original document, one of the facebook member will review your request and re-activate your facebook account. Enjoy... if you didn't get your facebook account try plidd, they won't ask your mobile ect...
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