Free VLC Media Player Software for Android Mobiles

I hope you all know about VLC Media player, VLC player has a huge users around the world. The VLC Player is not only used as a media player it's contains lot of hidden features.

This VLC Players are mostly used in Desktop/Laptop computers, now this player can be used in mobile and tablet devices. This VLC Media Player was Developed by Video Lan and its an Open Source Software.

VLC Media Player-iphone 4

Since it's a Open Source Software, the Original Source Code was edited and developed an Android compatible VLC Media player, the Android Version is not developed by Video Lan.

VLC Media Player for Android Mobiles
Depend on your Android version and processor speed Select a suitable downliad from the below list.

VLC for Android (NEON)VLC-neon.apk5841596 bytes3aa1f3b0778aef6b070d7f797afac0a6
VLC for Android (NONEON)VLC-noneon.apk6014601 bytes7d2c8d22f2f9a834a3086fcbe85c594c

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