Facebook Alternative Social Networking Sites

All Internet users know about facebook, facebook has so many useful features. but you have to know that there are some websites has amazing features than facebook. More amount of users is the different between facebook and other Social Networking Websites.

The problem is users always using facebook and never try other Social Networking Websites, i know its really hard to understand each website's methods. its good if you try other websites daily... then only you will amazed about those websites.

Here I listed five Alternative Social Networking Sites for facebook! (i can say better than fb)

1. Habbo - Habbo is a virtual hotel life experience social network, user can create a virtual person on the network and can be live a virtual life on the Internet. Habbo users can do so many real life activities on their virtual Habbo enviornment.

2. Plidd - Plidd is a new trend social networking website it has all facebook features and some additional features such as user blogging, bookmarking, forum and some other features available. a user profile is not necessary to create a Page for a celebrity, band or business on plidd.

3. Linkedin - Linkedin is a business related social networking website. simply its an online resume for job seekers, more than 70% of businesses seeking employees on linkedin. its a good place to get a job.

4. Dogster -  Dogster is a pet (Dog) related social website. Users of the site create a pet page which is a customizable web page for which they can give treats or purchase virtual items using what are called zealies. This virtual currency can be given to the users after engaging in some of the website activities, using PayPal or by purchasing a Plus subscription.
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