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The Association of Pencak Silat Martial Arts Martial Arts (PPS BETAKO) Merpati Putih (MP) held a spectacular attraction themed "The Lively Concentration of Action for Indonesia Jaya"

Martial arts that have been learned not to stylize or hurt others but to help others and defend themselves.

Martial arts that have been owned must be maintained for the good of the country and the nation so that the country can prosper. this can strengthen the unity and unity between fellow human beings.

"The knowledge that is already possessed is not to be hostile or to hurt others. It is of no use, we have an extraordinary traditional repertoire to help others or take care of ourselves,"

According to him, besides helping other people and themselves, white dove martial arts were considered effective in curing diseases, with breathing exercises he claimed to recover from illness.

Therefore, in the future he wants martial arts to be applied to children who are addicted to drugs. The method of treatment is through breathing exercises to get well.

"This science is pure breathing if it doesn't use magic and if routinely trained then the disease can be cured. Let's use the knowledge that our ancestors have revealed to make our children healthier. I am sure it can, "

Meanwhile, adding, this spectacular attraction was carried out as a form of lively participation, mental, spiritual development, maintaining culture while instilling national values ​​for society

The knowledge we have is not showing off strength, but to help others,"

This attraction consists of several training groups such as training groups, as for the branches from outside that support such as

"Especially for the cayenne group followed by children who will show their abilities while studying science with white doves," he explained.

Some of the attractions that will be displayed are broken materials consisting of pipe irons, dragon, concrete and blocks of ice. All attractions are solved using hands and heads. The highlight of the event when beating bricks is arranged in stages and successfully solved with just one hit.

This documentary was conducted at the Merpati Putih branch of Cimahi precisely at Jenderal Achmad Yani University (UNJANI).

A documentary action video that not only portrays the Merpati Putih Pencak silat school, but tells of a person who does not care about himself, and underestimates the martial arts, his life is full of doubts and anxiety, until finally the problem comes suddenly.

Then he accidentally discovered the existence of the martial arts martial arts White Pigeons. finally he decided to join in training at Merpati Putih. Unexpectedly after he joined the training activities for the sake of practice, he turned into a personal figure who is better and calmer. and finally he found something key to life that could not be found anywhere else ..
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